If you love international cuisine, then you will love the menu and food service on Valtur Prima. Each morning you will wake to the fresh aroma of coffee and experience a breakfast extravaganza that will start your day with a smile. From fresh juices and fresh fruits, to our home-baked breads and pastries, the ship provides a full array of choices for everyone's taste. From freshly made omlettes to granola and yogurt, the ship offers something for everyone. If you feel like starting your day relaxing in your cabin, simply order from our menu and room service will deliver to your door.

You can choose to lunch at either our daily lunch extravaganza or off the menu in our elegant dining room. You will be provided a choice of international favorites of meat, fish, poultry, pastas, salads, soup, and so much more. Complimentary wines are served.

In the afternoon, you may join us for a Caribbean version of High Tea, where finger sandwiches, special baked goods, and other delectable items are served with a full array of beverages for you to enjoy.

Dinner is a very special experience on the Valtur Prima, as we offer one beautifully appointed dining room that will accommodate all our passengers in a single seating. The menu changes nightly and offers guests some of the best cuisine you will find anywhere. If you love Italian food, you will want to try some of the special pasta and Italian dishes featured for a truly special treat. Complimentary wines are served.

Already full? Well there's more. You won't want to miss our famous Midnight Buffets. Each night we choose a different location and a different theme. One of the most popular is our "Chef's Night," where you dine in our galley and meet all the chefs. It's a feast and an event you won't forget.


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